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High Spec Composites Ltd began in June 2010 when husband and wife, Matt and Sarah Jaycock, took on the challenge of turning fifteen years’ experience and a desire to progress into an operational business.

Over the course of its first two years, High Spec Composites Ltd evolved from one man and his wife and a rented facility into a fully-functioning team of Laminators, Trimmers, Inspectors, and Administration Staff working from 4700sq ft of well-equipped factory and office units situated in Motorsport Valley.

In October 2012, High Spec had installed on site a 1.2m X 2.5m, ten vac zone autoclave allowing for all previous restrictions to be eliminated, lead times to be reduced and capacity increased. The development continued throughout 2013 and 2014 with a continuous increase in staffing levels and the installation of new cutting machine and larger oven.

Summer 2016 saw a new mezzanine floor erected in the main unit allowing for an improved inspection department, a production meeting room, larger storage facilities and new secure frontage.

 In 2017 management structure was dramatically improved and two new offices were built in a second unit, The Bull Pen.

The expansions and developments are High Spec are far from over; the team is due to increase to over twenty members strong over the coming winter period, a new meeting area is in development stages and Directors have just signed off on a third unit due to be opened in 2018.

Over the past six years High Spec’s facility and capabilities have not only proved popular with Formula One teams and industries embracing carbon fibre, but also with the education systems training young persons for careers in Motorsport. In May 2016, High Spec won ‘Apprenticeship of the Year’ at the Cherwell Business Awards.

Matt and Sarah believe that it is in the interest of the company and of its customers, for all members of staff to work to at least NVQ Level 3 which is an ambition even existing employees are working towards.

High Spec Composites main aim to is to produce high-end components for Formula One and related industries whilst remaining relatively small in size yet large in production.

Aims & Achievements

High Spec aim to have every member of staff trained to a minimum level of NVQ Level 3. We believe that is it fundamental that businesses and individuals are to able to demonstrate
abilities through both certification and experience. 

Each year we employ 1-2 students to undertake an Advanced Apprenticeship in Motorsport Engineering.


After implementing an in-house skills matrix and training four students in just under five years High Spec became the proud winners of the 'Apprenticeship of the Year' at the Cherwell Business Awards 2016.

In addition to the Cherwell Business Award, High Spec received an award from Peninsula Business Services in 2016 for an outstanding commitment to employee practices. We take employment very seriously and do all that we can to ensure our staff work in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Leading on from the Cherwell Business Awards, Director, Sarah Jaycock, was asked to join the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards committee representing small businesses and in 2017 High Spec sponsored the Advanced Apprenticeship Award. The awards were a huge success and Sarah has rejoined the committee for a second year and High Spec are looking forward to sponsoring the Small Employer Award in March 2018.
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